Hosting a session at the upcoming Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego

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Me and some colleagues here at the University of Oslo will be chairing a session at the next Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego, USA.

PC004 - From individuals to ecosystems - the broader consequences of climate change on phenology

This session is about Climate change and phenology. If you think you fit in, please, consider submitting an abstract. We would also appreciate if you could share it with others who may be interested.

The effects of climate change on phenology - the timing of annual recurring biological events - are well known. Such studies usually tend to expect "earlier when warmer" outcomes. However, biological patterns are not solely influenced by temperature, and the interacting effects of other physical, biological and anthropogenic variables (e.g. sea ice, stratification, hypoxia, predator-prey dynamics, fisheries) are often ignored. Moreover, studies typically focus on single taxa and/or single trophic levels, whereas the wider ecosystem effects of climate-driven changes in phenology are poorly known. In this session, we will highlight studies that

  1. move beyond single taxa and climatic variables, towards those that investigate the effects of climate-driven phenology at the population level and beyond; and

  2. focus on the wider implications of phenological changes on productivity, ecosystem structure, function, and the socio-economic system.

Make your submission here.